• Legendary Brazilian Rockers DR.SIN first time in Europe
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    After having realized during their long career over 10 studio albums and a DVD, the legendary Brazilian rock band DR. SIN arrives for the first time in Europe with a new album entitled “Back Home Again“. The brand new CD will be released (excluding Brazil) next winter, by Valery Records, distributed by Audioglobe and available on all digital stores. DR. SIN is absolutely one of the greatest names of Brazilian Rock ever. Born 27 years […]
  • PainKillers debut album “Storyteller”
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    Storyteller, the debut album of the Italian Punk-Rock band PainKillers, came out on 17th January 2020 produced by Valery Records. The album aims to send an important message: every life is a story to tell. The title itself, “Storyteller“, characterizes the “fil rouge” of their first album where is told a story of an entire life, approaching with brutal elegance almost to a concept album, in which, everyone can easily […]
  • Mary Brain – New Video “Sentenced to Death”
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    Valery Records and V-Promotion are proud to announce the forthcoming release of “Sentenced to Death” , Mary Brain’s new video. Taken from the album “Light after Dark” released on September 28th 2018 on Valery Records label, “Senteced to Death” is the first video and single released by Mary Brainfor this album. The video is available at the following link: Born in 2006, Mary […]
  • THE INSIDE: Debut Album “The Inside”
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    Valery Records and V-Promotion are proud to announce the forthcoming release of The Inside’s “The Inside” debut album.  The Band was born in 2006 when Emanuele Caldara (Guitar) and Marco Giurintano(Drums), meet at the Lizard music school that they both frequent. Inspired by some passages and ideas written by Caldara in previous years, they decide together to give final shape to the project “The Inside“. After […]
  • New Video “Fall Of The Divine” – Hell’s Crows
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    Fall Of The Divine – Hell’s Crows’ New Video September 25th 2018 is the release date of “Fall Of The Divine”, the new Hell’s Crows video taken from their first album “Hell’s Crows” released on March 31st 2017 on Valery Recordslabel (, distributed by Audioglobe and the best digital wordlwide stores. HELL’S CROWS, the […]
  • Hell’s Crows – New album coming soon
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    Will be out on September 25th 2018, “Fall Of The Divine”, the new Hell’s Crows video, taken from their first album “Hell’s Crows” released on March 31st 2017 by the label Valery Records, distributed by and available on the best digital  stores wordlwide. Hell’s Crows, Italian melodic-heavy metal band, in collaboration […]
  • Lady Reaper: New Video and Release Date
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    Release date On April 27, 2018 “Mise En Abyme” by Lady Reaper. Born in 2009, Lady Reaper is an Italian Heavy Metal band based in Rome – Italy. In 2017 Lady Reaper signs with Valery Records and “Mise En Abyme” is born, the new studio album of the band. The style of the album is a fresh and eclectic Heavy Metal, offering a performance for every kind of listener, including two covers of famous classical music pieces. […]