About Us

Founded in 2002, Valery Records is an independent record label based in Milan, Italy.

Specialized in production of albums and artists from various musical worlds, Valery Records began its activities concentrating its resources mainly in the field of latin music, Center-South American ethnic music and traditional folk music coming from Andes, working with best musicians and experts of Latin community resident or present in Italy to follow their artistic activity.

The pan flute and the magic of the South American ethnic instruments define the sound of the first publication of Valery Records who later began to grow and to orient to a wider audience with Merengue, Salsa , Cumbia, Bachata, Reggaeton and Latin Hip Hop music. In a short time, thanks to its network distribution with over 300 clients and outlets, Valery Records has become a major label reference to the Latin American ethnic music in Italy.

In 2004, in order to diversify its catalog, Valery Records officially opens the new Rock Department and begins to realize his first Hard Rock and Heavy Metal productions, allowing a greater market presence with its products in the winter period.

The new releases of Valery Records oriented to a totally different market sector, new opportunities and a widespread distribution in Italy and abroad. Valery Records began to sign some of the best bands of the Italian industry and to put in place every possible resource to promote their albums and artists nationally and internationally, working with labels, distributors and experts from many countries and constituted both the press and promotion department that music publishing.

In 2009 Valery Records became official partner of .Apple Inc., having the opportunity to put their catalog on ITunes independently, without the collaboration of the usual aggregators consolidated.

In 2011 Valery Records, thanks to the excellent experience gained over the years with regard to the growth and promotion of its catalog and its artists, decided to create a new project, V-Promotion, a press and promotion office dedicated to the whole world of Rock .

At now, Valery Records is undoubtedly one of the most significant indipendent market Italian music organization.