Lady Reaper: New Video and Release Date

Release date On April 27, 2018 “Mise En Abyme” by Lady Reaper.

Born in 2009, Lady Reaper is an Italian Heavy Metal band based in Rome – Italy. In 2017 Lady Reaper signs with Valery Records and “Mise En Abyme” is born, the new studio album of the band.
The style of the album is a fresh and eclectic Heavy Metal, offering a performance for every kind of listener, including two covers of famous classical music pieces.
The concept of the album, meant to feel like a theater play, also includes numerous references to popular works of cinema and literature, some explicit and some to look for.
The twenty-four handmade watercolor pages of the artwork created by Umberto Stagni (Pastavolante) that follow music and lyrics take care of the graphic side of the project, making it worthy of international importance.

1 To the Abyss (1:41) 2 The Eternal Carnival (4:31) 3 Abracadabra (2:55) 4 Another Me (5:12) 5 Fragments (6:03) 6 Buried in my Dreams (7:15) 7 Stop the Mops (5:13) 8 Mr Nick: Diabolical Bets (12:24) 9 Headless Ride (8:52)

“Mise En Abyme” was released on 27th April 2018 on the label Valery Records, distributed by Audioglobe, and available worldwide on iTunes and soon on all the best digital online stores.

The album’s release is supported by the first “Stop The Mops” video available at the following link:
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